Sy and Ruby Underwood have more than three decades of
ministry experience.  Sy's ministry involves preaching,
teaching and singing.  The Lord has also gifted him with
apostolic and prophetic insight and anointing.

Ruby has prophetic gifting and blesses others through her
mentoring and teaching.  She serves as ministry
administrator. They minister at Eagle Point Ministry Center
located in Ranger,Texas.  They are also itinerant ministers
and minister in various home group settings in Central and
East Texas.

Their years of ministry has taught them to lean heavily on
Jesus and His grace.  Intercessory prayer has been a key
factor in their personal livelihood and ministry.  Seeking God
and obeying God on a daily basis results in a lifetime of
faithfulness to God.  God rewards faithfulness.  The
Underwood family gives thanks to God for the many ways
God has blessed their lives.
The Underwood Family