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Laying Hold of the Promises of God
by Sy Underwood

      It seems that there is so much fear being spoken today.  We need to hear a word about faith in our God and His
ability to keep us in times of struggle, persecution, trial and trouble.  Paul wrote and told us to know that in the last
days perilous time shall come. So what do we expect is going to happen? We are going to face some dangerous
times; yes, but my God is bigger than the danger we might face. My God is bigger than the trouble the enemy might
bring. But it is a time to “lay hold of the promises of God” that tell me “I can do all things through Christ that
strengthens me.” Yet, somehow we think we should maybe be privileged to avoid the times we are in. The truth is
none of us will avoid these times.  We have the opportunity to move forward and advance the things of God and His
Kingdom as never before because of these times.  Yet the question is: Are we allowing the talk of all that is bad to
paralyze our faith in God and His ability to move supernaturally for us and allow the miracles to come in spite of the
circumstances? ....
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The Heart of A Prophet
By Jerry Rose

      God’s called, chosen and anointed prophets have the same heart. The heart of the Heavenly Father will be in
any prophet of God. Jesus the prophet said in John 5:19, ”The Son can do nothing of himself but what he seeth the
Father do: for what things soever he doeth, these also doeth the Son likewise.”

The word prophet means “one who speaks forth.” A prophet is a Christian whom God calls to speak out for him. The
only way a prophet can speak out for God is to have the heart of the Father God. What does it mean to have the
heart of the Father? First to be a father one must have a child. Having a child causes one to be a parent. Parenting
brings about most if not all of the emotional experiences one can experience. Just a few are pride, happiness,
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The Heart of A Prophet
Will You Reject the Truth?
By Sy Underwood
2 Thessalonians 2:1-4, 7-15

      As Paul begins this second chapter it seems that he has some very urgent things to bring to the Thessalonians
and to us as well. Notice he begins by beseeching them, which was urging them to take notice, to some things very
important that would take place. Verse three gets to the heart of the matter as he tells them of future events on the
horizon of time that could shake them from their steadfastness in God if they were not warned. He said “Let no man
deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be
revealed, the son of perdition.”
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Called To A Holy Ministry
By Jerry Rose
      As vessels for the ministry of Jesus Christ we are all called to a holy ministry. The word of God says, “I Am Holy,
Ye be holy also.”   Today not enough teaching and preaching is being done by the Christian leaders on holy ministry.
Too many have gotten away from their first love Jesus Christ. Too many have not continued to take up their cross
daily and follow Jesus. The five-fold ministry of Ephesians 4:11 must continue the process of sanctification which
when finished leads to “holiness unto the Lord” as vessels wholly sanctified: body, soul and spirit.
There is a deception that is snaring too many ministers today from continuing the process of sanctification. The
gifting of God measured out through God’s anointing draws people to the ministry. As such increase from God
through such anointing takes place this deception enters in over a period of time. What is the deception?
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                                                Keys that helped me get through difficult times....
                                                                                                       by Ruby Underwood

      My husband, Sy, and I have pastored churches for about 30 years. We’ve faced allot of challenges.  During a
difficult transition of having to leave a church and move from the parsonage quickly, I was packing our household
goods and was also struggling with the adversity.  At times I would just have to stop and cry and pray.  Other times I
sat down at the computer and typed letters, and then delete them.  I felt betrayed and hurt and angry.  Then one day
while is was packing up some of our belongings in the dining room I was just wanting to call someone or write another
letter - not necessarily retaliation - but just wanting someone to hear and understand our side of the deal.  I just
blurted out to the Lord, “Lord I submit myself to your grace.”  And as I made that statement I felt big loads lifted off of
me.  The awesome presence of the Lord just flooded me!  I was amazed.  After that there were more times that I
would just confess to the Lord, “Lord, I submit myself to your grace.“  If I was angry, it would cease.  If I was sad, I
would feel better.  So I just kept doing it every time I needed help.  
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                       How you respond to the Holy Ghost Will Determine Your Future
                                                                          by Sy Underwood

      The Church at Ephesus had a small beginning with Paul finding the church with only twelve believers in the city.  
They had been won to the Lord by an evangelist named Apollos.  However, they had been misinformed about the
presence of the Holy Ghost and seemed to lack a consciousness of the spirit in the life of the believer.  So Paul
began his mission by having to get the foundation laid properly.  After about three months of preaching and teaching
truth, the Jews hardened their hearts and refused to hear the gospel and began to murmur against the message.  So
Paul moved the church into a school house and there he preached for about two years.  We will always have some
who will not hear the truth.  Their response can range from critical to total unbelief.  As Paul found out, truth causes
a hardness of heart and a refusal to hear the good news of truth that would set one free.  
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By Ruby Underwood

Do you know the specific call that you’ve been given?  Do you know the specific dimensions of the call?  In order to
become more sensitive and aware of the boundaries of our calling we need to pray that the Lord will strengthen and
sharpen the boundaries of our call.  Then we need to not overstep those boundaries also realizing that we need to
fulfill all the boundaries that we’ve been called to fulfill.  No one can tell you your boundaries.  The Lord needs to
reveal this to you.  
At the doorstep of Israel’s entrance in Canaan the Lord spoke to Joshua and clearly defined his boundaries.  “From
the wilderness and this Lebanon as far as the great river, the river Euphrates, all the land of the Hittites and to the
Great Sea toward the going down of the sun, shall be your territory” Joshua 1:4.  No one could have told Joshua his
boundaries.  He needed to hear from the Lord.   
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                                                          Hidden Treasures of Darkness
                                                                   By Ruby Underwood

      In 1995 we were in the midst of a long dark trial.  God spoke to us that He was going to give us hidden treasures
of darkness……

      “I will give you the treasures of darkness, And hidden riches of secret places, That you may know that I, the
Lord, who call you by your name, Am the God of Israel.”  Isaiah 45:3

      When we’re going through what we may call a dark place in our lives, we don’t always get it.  We need to realize
that these times are designed to be treasures from God. There are actually riches stored in secret places.   

      These riches and treasures?  The only way you can get these treasures....

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                                                        JABBOK, AN ENCOUNTER WITH GOD
                                                                                    Gen 32 :22

                                                         A LESSON IN THE LIFE OF JACOB

      When God challenges your faith, you can either yield or refuse. Both ways you will pay a price. As a Christian
leader you must grow in the things of God. And your spiritual training will be more intense and severe than that of
your church members.  
      Jacob arrived at a place called Jabbok. He remained there and his family went across the river. Jacob may have
been in deep thought about his future and his family who went ahead of him. And then it happened: The
unsuspected Jacob was taken by total surprise. His thoughts were interrupted as a Wrestler from heaven engaged
him in a physical battle during the night. Jacob fought for his life.  
                                                                            An Open Heaven
                                                                            by Sy Underwood

      God is calling you and I to strip the enemy powers of their armor through prayer.  Then God himself will
demolish the gates of brass and He will smooth out the path and then we are to reap the spoils.  

    Once again we need to understand the importance of “an open heaven”.   Yet, how do you and I go about to
see this “open heaven” come into our lives, our churches, our homes and everything we endeavor to do for the

     Open heavens allows the presence of God to come in. The King of Glory desires to come.  The Lord strong
and mighty, The Lord mighty in battle desires to give us an open heaven.  We must pray and believe and prepare
ourselves for it to happen.  As the gates of brass are demolished the harvest will flow in causing much rejoicing and
thanksgiving, celebrating, while ushering in the Kingdom of God.

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