Ps 25:17        "The troubles of my heart are enlarged. God, bring Thou me out of my distress."
  V 18           "Look upon my affliction and my pain and forgive all my sins."
  V 20           "O keep my soul and deliver me: let me not be ashamed; for I put my trust in Thee."
  V 21           "Let integrity and uprightness preserve me: for I wait on Thee."

Dear Christian Friend, young Christian, Backslider, Doubtful one

Perhaps you are the disillusioned one in the Fivefold Ministry. You do not comprehend or understand the dealings of
God in your life. Things have gone wrong. May be like me, you are suffering from acute pain, discomfort and a
troubled mind and do not see clearly the purpose of your unwanted and uncalled pain.

Listen, dear perplexed one, allow me to tell it as it is. During these months and a troubled mind, lots of distress
because of pain and severe discomfort and many questions, I came across Ps 27:4 ...."that I may dwell in the house
of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord." "THE BEAUTY OF THE LORD". It struck me. It
stopped me in my tracks. I was riveted, stunned. Suddenly the words: BEAUTY OF THE LORD gripped my heart.
Friends, we are so concerned with ministry and not with HIM. As Christians we know the Lord saves, heals, delivers,
does miracles, provides, loves us and cares for us etc, but sin makes God hides His face. Confess it to Him and come

THE BEAUTY OF THE LORD - V 5 This beautiful Lord shall hide me in His pavillion: in the secret of His tabernacle
shall He hide me. He shall set me upon a rock.  Suddenly I heard the song in my spirit:  Lord, you're beautiful, Your
face is all I see....
Rev 22:4    " And they shall see His face...."
Isa 33:17   "Your eyes shall see the King in His beauty...."
Ps105:4     "Seek the Lord and His strength, seek His face evermore...."
Ps 17:15   "As for me I will behold Thy face in righteousness. I shall be satisfied when I awake with Thy likeness."

THE BEAUTY OF THE LORD - WOW! In the human world loved ones cannot get enough of each other. Saints, to
behold the beauty of the Lord is not to plead or to come with a list of needs. By faith realize the beauty of the Lord.
Love Him as the Person for Who He is. May God forgive us as the Body of Christ that we are more fascinated with His
hands than His face. How arrogant can one be!!

THE BEAUTY OF THE LORD. Just sit silently in His Presence and enjoy His closeness. As Christians we must come
face to face with the One who first loved us. What an awesome discovery! Allow the Holy Spirit to reveal Christ's
beauty and splendour to you. You have been accepted in the Beloved. Servant of God, it is not about you and me. It
is about Jesus who is our LIFE. Study His face. Look intently at Him. Isa 53:2 -  "There is no beauty in Him that we
should desire Him".

Child of God, as you behold Him, you cannot but love Jesus for all that He has done for you. His face shows many
scars, bruises and wounds like that of a soldier or a boxer who was involved in heavy combat and war.

BEHOLD HIS BEAUTY - for it is an eternal, undying beauty in spite of all the torture, pain and physical abuse of Isa
53, He is the beautiful One who suffered and died on Calvary for you and me. I believe tears of thanksgiving,
appreciation and gratitude will fill your eyes, as you in silence and adoration, come face to face with Him. All this
torment, pain and grief He suffered for us because of His love for us. You behold Him by faith, the One who is high
and lifted up and whose train fills the temple. Behold the Lamb of God in His majestic splendour. Study God and the
Lord Jesus Christ. Meditate about His holiness, glory, mercy, love, longsuffering, forgiveness.

During a visit to New Zealand, my wife and I visited a huge rose garden. It was an awesome experience. Numerous
colours of white, yellow and many others caught our eye. We literally drank in the beauty and splendour of the roses.

Song of Solomon 2:1   "I am the Rose of Sharon." The Rose of Sharon is never out of season. The Person of the
Lord Jesus is always fresh, beautiful, available and unchanging.  Heb 13:8 - As Christians we can carry this Rose of
Sharon with us wherever we go. Allow the beauty of Jesus to flow like a refreshing stream out of you to a hurting
world. A rose blooms from a small bud to a beautiful flower, filled with delicious fragrance. Roses have a limited
lifetime, but Jesus, the Rose of Sharon, is eternal. As the rose is perfectly woven together, so is the Lord Jesus Christ,
the beautiful One.

I want to quote Dr Charles Rolls, this mighty gifted Bible teacher, missionary, writer and founder of various Bible
Schools. He had an amazing grasp of the English language and was a very eloquent speaker. He wrote in his book:
THE NAME ABOVE EVERY NAME- (1965:page 127/128)   
"The symmetry of form and beauty of fragrance characterising this bloom combined with its delicate petals of colour,
all suggest the loveliness of the Beloved, in His Godlikeness and the choiceness of His celestial sweetness. How
appealingly is the unblighted, unblemished beauty of the Rose of Sharon. The descriptive title is specially suited to
the Son of Man and best befits the lips of our Beloved, as expressive of His lovable nature. If Christ does not declare
Himself to us and display His inherent beauty, his intrinsic majesty of His ineffable glory, and disclose the loveliness of
His own immortal holiness, there is no one else to do it. He is the perfect Rose, but few have the capacity and
appreciate the precious fragrance of unrivaled virtue."

According to Ezek 34:29, He is the Plant of Renown. As roses are available in many countries, so is the beautiful of
Sharon, the Lord Jesus available to all who call upon Him. As we share flowers with our loved ones, let us also freely
share about the Rose of Sharon.

Child of God, enjoy His warmth, His nearness and acceptance. Remain blessed as you ponder, gaze, look and enjoy
the beauty of the Lord. Spend time with Him, in His Presence and the world will see that you have been with Jesus.

I praise God that there has been a great improvement in my health.A sincere word of thanks to all of you who have
faithfully prayed for me the past 7 months.

Your Friend in Christ

Charles Haupt

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Gen 32 :22


When God challenges your faith, you can either yield or refuse. Both ways you will pay a price. As a Christian leader
you must grow in the things of God. And your spiritual training will be more intense and severe than that of your
church members.  

Jacob arrived at a place called Jabbok. He remained there and his family went across the river. Jacob may have been
in deep thought about his future and his family who went ahead of him. And then it happened: The unsuspected
Jacob was taken by total surprise. His thoughts were interrupted as a Wrestler from heaven engaged him in a
physical battle during the night. Jacob fought for his life.

Perhaps many thoughts entered his bewildered mind. Who is this Person attacking me? I cannot recognize Him in the
dark night. The Wrestler at first didn't say anything. How long and intense was the wrestling match? We do not know.
But in Jacob we see a surprised and desperate man fighting and clinging for his life.

My Friend, you may be at your personal Jabbok today. God may not deal with you as with Jacob. Jabbok is a place of
a fresh encounter with God. As you read right now, God may want to draw you closer to Himself. God will never allow
you to get too comfortable as a leader. He will certainly meet you at Jabbok.

•        Are you prepared for an encounter with God?
•        Are you thriving on the praise of man?
•        Do you have a hunger in your heart and a desire to know Him more intimately?
•        Are you willing to do His will?

In Gen 32:22 there is a place called Jabbok. Know for sure that God will not send you an invitation to meet Him. Like
Jacob was caught unawares, Father God will without any notification meet you at the place called Jabbok.

The man, Jacob, was self-willed, cunning, sly, a liar and a thief, but in Gen 32:24 we read that Jacob was left alone
and there wrestled a Man with him until the breaking of day. At Jabbok you will encounter God's dealings in you and
with you.  

Jabbok means you bow and surrender to the unseen Wrestler- v 24. In your encounter with God your ego, yourself,
the real you will be revealed. At Jabbok all the masks and pretence and all the excuses will be exposed. It was at
Jabbok that the fighting Jacob received a new name from the Wrestler- v 28.

Dear Friend, God's dealings are intense. How Father God must deal with us as His servants. At Jabbok your
diplomas, degrees, your gifting and talents and your will must be surrender.

•        JABBOK   -   The man Jacob with all of the corruption in his heart was not informed of the encounter. There
were no rules and regulations for this fight.
•        JABBOK   -   V24- Silently the Unknown Man engaged in a match with Jacob. This Man was focused but Jacob
was bewildered as the attack came when he least expected it.
•        JABBOK   -   Jacob, the crafty, deceptive and the deceitful man met TRUTH.
•        JABBOK   -   This physical encounter forever change Jacob  V 25, 32
•        JABBOK   -   The Wrestler from heaven did not condemn and neither did He remind Jacob of all the things he
had done in his life.  During this fight Jacob discovered the loving God.
•        JABBOK   -   Jacob communed  -V26  - with this powerful Wrestler.

Please re-read Gen 32:22-32. Go perhaps to a quiet place in your home or in the bush and pray that the Holy Spirit
will reveal this Scripture to you.

•        V24 - "and Jacob was left alone"
•        ALONE - with yourself and your own thoughts.
•        ALONE - nothing to distract your thoughts, leave your mobile phone at home.
•        ALONE - be quiet and focus on God.
•        ALONE - "Be still and know that I am God"  Ps 46:10
•        ALONE - Release all your burdens and problems.
•        ALONE - Get quiet in your inner man.
•        ALONE - Get away from people and have an encounter with God.
•        ALONE  - "and Jacob was left alone"

It was God wrestling with Jacob during the night - V24. This contest was very severe and powerful.
o        The Wrestler could see- V24-,
o        He could touch -V 25-  
o        He could speak, reason and had power -V 27-29.

V 30 - "and Jacob called the name of the place Peniel: for I have seen God face to face and my life is preserved”
Between Jabbok and Peniel God got hold of Jacob. The Wrestler from heaven touched Jacob during the fight and
from then on Jacob was limping. During the wrestling match Jacob was re-named Israel. An encounter with God will
change you and me forever.

My dear Friends, in the Kingdom of God you never stop learning. I trust that this portion of Scripture will give you
much food for thought. I believe there are many riches that God can reveal to you as you read and re-read this
portion. We do the natural and God will do the supernatural. We do the possible and God will do the impossible. The
amazing thing in Jacob's life is that God loved him and he is also referred to in the lineage of Abraham and Isaac.
Share this Scripture with your leaders.

Greetings in Christ Jesus

Your Brother in the faith,

Charles Haupt

PO Box 37777, Langenhovenpark, 9330, South Africa